Student Learning Expectations

Our Student Learning Expectations, or “SLE’s”, are expectations that each student will work toward and exemplify while at the school as well as a graduate. Our SLE’s have been developed by the faculty in consultation with our School Board, Parents’ Association, and student body.


Madeleine students uphold gospel values, respect other faiths, and participate in the liturgical life of the school.


Madeleine students communicate clearly, value knowledge, and dedicate themselves to learning.


Madeleine students care for each other, work together, and build relationships.


Madeleine students give of their time, protect the environment, and strive for social justice.



As a Catholic school, the School of the Madeleine is unique because it is a religious community within an academic one.  As a religious community, we strive to live the Gospel message of Jesus by providing significant religious activities for our students. Formal religious education is part of our curriculum. Religious education is woven through the entire Madeleine experience.

The school day begins with Morning Prayer, an essential start to the day. Approximately once a month, students are involved in providing leadership at Sunday Family Liturgies as well as school liturgies and prayer services. Our parish priests are involved with planning Mass or prayer services with the children and teachers. The parish priests are available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation twice for students in grades 3-8. Those children who are Catholic have the opportunity to prepare for first Reconciliation and Eucharist. Our service program helps the children understand that it is important to serve as Jesus did. We believe that it is the integration of religious community and the academic commitment to excellence that will enable our children to live happy and healthy lives of faith.


The School of the Madeleine is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Western Catholic Education Association. We are accredited through 2022.


Grade level curriculum guides are available online. Local curriculum development is the responsibility of the principal and faculty. Teachers evaluate curricular areas cyclically, reviewing at least two per year.

The curriculum areas include:

  • Religion/Family Life
  • Caring School Communities
  • Language Arts/Reading
  • Spelling/Grammar/Handwriting
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Science/Health/Drug Ed
  • Technology
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education

School of the Madeleine curricula is in accordance with the Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines, which follows the State of California frameworks. The School Improvement Action Plan provides areas of focus and priority. The Diocesan calendar provides minimum days for curriculum development and articulation.

Catholic children traditionally receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist in the second grade.  The preparation for these sacraments is done in conjunction with other parish children who do not attend the Madeleine. Parents of students enrolled in the sacramental program are expected to participate in the parent-faith formation segment of the sacramental preparation. Older students who have not received these sacraments are prepared on an individual basis by a parish staff member.

Library: The library is staffed by a librarian and parent volunteers (who make a year long commitment).  Each grade has an opportunity to go to the library and check out books weekly. Overdue fines are not charged; however, if an item is more than a month overdue the student is sent a bill for the replacement cost and may not borrow a book until the item is returned or the bill is paid. Unacceptable behavior may result in loss of library privileges.

Educational Media: CTN (Catholic Teacher Resources) is utilized at teacher discretion according to availability of programs and class schedule. Reading A-Z, BrainPOP, Mathletics,, etc…are just some of the online media the school utilizes to enhance the learning of our students.

8th Grade Retreats:  The 8th grade attends a three-day overnight challenge course in the fall to build community and trust among the class.  The 8th grade attends a two-day overnight retreat in the spring to reflect on the class’ years together and to prepare for the transition to high school.  These are opportunities to explore issues of God, self, and relationships in another context and environment.

Caritas Creek Environmental Education Program: The 7th grade participates in a weeklong environmental education program.  They spend Monday through Friday at a camp with a trained staff and the 7th grade teacher.  This experience helps them appreciate and value our natural environment and community.  The families are responsible for the cost of this experience.

Boat Trip: The fifth grade boat trip takes place on the historic vessel, the Balclutha, located at the Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco.  It is a role-play experience taking them back to the year 1906.  The students, or “lads”, are immersed in a 19-hour journey through the past.  The lads must utilize their own resources to solve problems presented to them.  The program, run by the San Francisco Maritime Association, focuses on self-reliance, teamwork, communication, and taking responsibility.

Christmas Program: scheduled each year and prepared by the music teacher with the assistance of the classroom teachers.

MAD Band: Starting in 4th grade, students may participate in an after-school band program. Weekly music lessons (individual and group) are offered for the following instruments: trumpet, saxophone (alto and tenor), flute, clarinet, trombone, euphonium and drums. Parents pay for lessons; some scholarships are available. Loaner instruments are available to first-time Band members. The MAD Band has group (Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginning) rehearsals on Wednesdays. These rehearsals are completely underwritten by the Parents’ Association.

EdTech: The school is a 1-1 iPad school. Each student in every grade has access to an iPad to supplement the learning experience. The Tech Center provides each student with access to to resources for 3-D printing, coding, robotics and graphic design. School of the Madeleine students use technology with ease, know common uses of technology in daily life, demonstrate how technology has personally affected their lives, and exhibit responsible use of technology with ethical behavior and netiquette. Technology projects provide additional opportunities to collaborate with other students.


Homework is a regular part of the instructional program.  The amount of homework varies, depending upon the grade level of the student.  The goals of homework assignments include:

  1. development of personal responsibility for completing assigned tasks;
  2. reinforcement of the idea that learning continues at  home;
  3. reinforcement and enhancement of the curriculum;
  4. development of good study habits.

Each teacher provides specific information regarding homework expectations at the beginning of the school year.  Homework assignments generally are given Monday through Thursday.  Weekend homework may include a long-term assignment or make-up of overdue work.  Parent’s signature may be required for homework agendas.


School of the Madeleine follows the Diocesan standardized testing program.  The STAR Renaissance test is administered digitally once per trimester.  The results of these tests are available to parents with report cards. The scores are used by teachers as a diagnostic tool to more effectively adapt the academic program to the strength and needs of the current class.


The provisions in this handbook are designed to provide parents and students with information and guidance as to the procedures and rules of the school. The provisions in this handbook are not a contract and impose no obligation on the school. This handbook is not a part of the tuition agreement. The contents of this handbook may be changed as necessary at the school’s discretion and, if changed, written notification of such changes will be provided to parents and students.



The School of the Madeleine, under the discretion of the Principal and/or Pastor, may amend this Family & Student Handbook at any time. All interpretations of the handbook, where they may be question, will be at the discretion of the Principal/Pastor. All additions and changes will be forwarded to the parents within 24 hours of the changes. However, by signing the Agreement Form, parents are consenting to any and all additions to the Handbook as long as they remain consistent with the philosophy and the Mission of the School.

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