Our community is diverse in many ways, but always centered around the students and grounded in Catholic values.
Matt McAllister, Parent


Our community is diverse in many ways, but always centered around the students and grounded in Catholic values.

…and thank you for your interest in our amazing educational community!

The School of the Madeleine is a very special community.  The level of trust and collegiality is unlike any other school where I’ve worked or studied. I think the strong Madeleine sense of family (with its unique Berkeley flavor), permeates not only the faculty relationships, but also the classroom culture, the parent community, and the parish. 

The School of the Madeleine is a 21st Century Catholic elementary school with a vibrant Dominican tradition that has provided educational excellence within the Diocese of Oakland for over 75 years. And, we would love to serve your child and your family as part of our legacy.

The mission of the School of the Madeleine is very simple, yet also very profound: it is to inspire our students to grow as educated, morally informed individuals.

How do we do that?

The Madeleine provides a 21st Century Catholic education defined by gospel values, marked by high academic standards, and enhanced by a commitment to social justice. We acknowledge the parents as primary educators of their children. With a firm dedication to the education of the whole child – spirit, mind, and body – we strive to embrace our cultural diversity and guide each student to the fulfillment of his or her unique potential.

Our graduates demonstrate self-confidence, resilience, an ingrained love of learning, awe of God’s creation, and a desire to foster peace and justice in the world. It’s important to note that our graduates place at the top 15% in the nation on

standardized tests and that over that last several years 100% of them have gained entrance into the high school of their choice, with over 50% placing into advanced honor courses.

What do we mean by “21st Century Catholic education”?

Our 21st Century educational mindset is supported by our educational vision and instructional design. Our educational vision is supported by classroom technology designed to enhance our students’ ability to learn. Our Smart classrooms enlist interactive instructional tools for teachers (ie: short-throw projection, AppleTV, document reader and multiple computers) and mobile devices for students (all students get their own iPads). Additionally, classrooms are equipped with environmental enhancements such as sensor activated programmable lighting, blackout and opaque shading options, sliding whiteboards, tackable wall surfaces, mobile furniture and air-flow control to support the variety of learning styles and teaching pedagogies taking place throughout the day.

Our 21st Century educational mindset is also fostered by collaborative models for instruction and administration. With two teachers in every classroom in Kindergarten through 5th grades, instructional teams in grades 6-8, and an administrative team comprised of the principal, vice-principal of faith development, vice principal of student life, and director of curriculum and professional learning, the School of the Madeleine is truly a collaborative model of authentic 21st Century education. Instructional and administrative collaboration promotes and models student collaboration within the classroom. Collaboration is a vital skill necessary for success in the 21st Century.

At the Madeleine, by living our Mission every day, we actually empower and prepare our students for the future – a future they will be called upon to create. Let us partner with you in providing that 21st Century Catholic education for your child.

God Bless!


Joseph Nagel

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