I am proud to have spent so much of my life, in so many different stages, at the Madeleine. All of my education was in Berkeley: I went to Saint Mary’s College High School, and then on to UC Berkeley.  But the Madeleine has always been the “second home” that formed my understanding of myself and of the world.  The nine years that students spend in Catholic parochial school define who they are and who they will become.  Having my two sons at the Madeleine is a wonderful blessing.  I will approach my new role as principal with the layered insight and perspective of an alumnus, a teacher, a parent, and a parishioner.

The School of the Madeleine is a very special community.  The level of trust and collegiality is unlike any other school where I’ve worked or studied.  I think the strong Madeleine sense of family (with its unique Berkeley flavor), permeates not only the faculty relationships, but also the classroom culture, the parent community, and the parish. 

I think education is the noblest profession.  It is an awesome responsibility to take on the task of preparing children to lead moral, productive, meaningful lives.  So much of our culture and our economy add up to little more than distractions.  A Catholic education provides the framework for students to make informed decisions about their lives and how they wish to contribute to the world.  I am filled with pride when I meet our Madeleine graduates and hear about their accomplishments and successes in high school and beyond.

As I reflect back on my career as an educator, I think the clearest lesson is that the quality of our relationships defines our experience.  Students learn when they feel safe and loved.  Our families work hard and make sacrifices to bring their children to school ready to learn.  We have a sacred trust and commitment to uphold for our Madeleine families.  I can think of no greater responsibility, nor greater honor.