We are guided by our Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community, and Service. Our aim is to meet the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of our students with a program that is flexible, consistent, and sustainable for our families. Our focused student-to-teacher ratio allows valuable small-group and individual attention.

Joseph Nagel

Vice Principal & Dir. of Religious Education
Ms. Skinner

Vice-Principal & Director of Curriculum
Ms. Walwark

Ms. Schweska

School Art & STEAM Director
Ms. Bettiga

Learning Support Coordinator
Mr. Stokes


Ms. Thayaril, Ms. Ring, and Sister Jennifer

First Grade
Ms. Simoni and Ms. Koehn

Second Grade
Ms. Nelson and Ms. Rice

Third Grade
Ms. Teixeira and Ms. Aceves

Fourth Grade
Ms. O’Connell and Ms. Wynne

Fifth Grade
Ms. Velez and Ms. Piccinini

Sixth Grade Humanities
Ms. Wellinghoff

Seventh Grade Humanities
Ms. Burnham

Eighth Grade Humanities
Ms. Gamble

Ms. Ring

Math & STEAM, Grades 6 – 8
Ms. Khurram and Mr. Barboza

Science, Grades 6-8
Ms. Zendejas

Music, Grades 3-8
Ms. Honore and Ms. Rapa

Spanish, Grades 3-8
Ms. Pereira

Music and Spanish, Grades K-2
Ms. Rapa

K-2 Learning Support
Ms. Rice

Technology Director
Mr. McMillian

Physical Education
Mr. Paniagua

MAD Band Director
Ms. Ashworth








Advancement Director
Ms. Dinneen

Advancement Assistants
Ms. Brown and Ms. James

Ms. Amick

Facilities Manager
Mr. Leon

Health Chair
Ms. Tarantino

Kindergarten Aide
Sister Daniels

Pastor, St Mary’s Parish
Father Glissen