Our community is diverse in many ways, but always centered around the students and grounded in Catholic values. Matt McAllister, Parent

…and thank you for your interest in our amazing educational community!

The School of the Madeleine is a 21st Century Catholic elementary school with a vibrant Dominican tradition that has provided educational excellence within the Diocese of Oakland for over 75 years. And, we would love to serve your child and your family as part of our legacy.

The mission of the School of the Madeleine is very simple, yet also very profound: it is to inspire our students to grow as educated, morally informed individuals.

How do we do that?

The Madeleine provides a 21st Century Catholic education defined by gospel values, marked by high academic standards, and enhanced by a commitment to social justice. We acknowledge the parents as primary educators of their children. With a firm dedication to the education of the whole child – spirit, mind, and body – we strive to embrace our cultural diversity and guide each student to the fulfillment of his or her unique potential.

Our graduates demonstrate self-confidence, resilience, an ingrained love of learning, awe of God’s creation, and a desire to foster peace and justice in the world. It’s important to note that our graduates place at the top 15% in the nation on


standardized tests and that over that last several years 100% of them have gained entrance into the high school of their choice, with over 50% placing into advanced honor courses.

What do we mean by “21st Century Catholic education”?

Our 21st Century educational mindset is supported by our educational vision and instructional design. Our educational vision is supported by classroom technology designed to enhance our students’ ability to learn. Our Smart classrooms enlist interactive instructional tools for teachers (ie: short-throw projection, AppleTV, document reader and multiple computers) and mobile devices for students (all students get their own iPads). Additionally, classrooms are equipped with environmental enhancements such as sensor activated programmable lighting, blackout and opaque shading options, sliding whiteboards, tackable wall surfaces, mobile furniture and air-flow control to support the variety of learning styles and teaching pedagogies taking place throughout the day.

Our 21st Century educational mindset is also fostered by collaborative models for instruction and administration. With two teachers in every classroom in Kindergarten through 5th grades, instructional teams in grades 6-8, and an administrative team comprised of the principal, vice-principal of faith development, vice principal of student life, and director of curriculum and professional learning, the School of the Madeleine is truly a collaborative model of authentic 21st Century education. Instructional and administrative collaboration promotes and models student collaboration within the classroom. Collaboration is a vital skill necessary for success in the 21st Century.

At the Madeleine, by living our Mission every day, we actually empower and prepare our students for the future – a future they will be called upon to create. Let us partner with you in providing that 21st Century Catholic education for your child.

God Bless!


Ken Willers

Good Morning!

The words from St. Paul this morning:

Consider you own calling…

         God chose the foolish—to shame the wise

God chose the weak—to shame the strong

         God chose the lowly—to boast in the Lord.

Wow…think about that boys and girls…

God chose us based on different set of standards

––then what the world might consider ‘important’

—then what the ‘world’ might consider ‘smart’

—or ‘powerful’ or ‘wealthy’

God chooses us based on different standards–

––God wants us to be lowly-humble

-so we can ‘boast in the Lord.’

When we do great things in the eyes of God

—it is result of God’s love working through us.

You know

when I was little I used to ask,

why did God make me—

why do I feel like God is choosing me to follow him in a special way?


I remember last year I shared

that because I was born on the Feast of St. John Bosco

…I believed that God was calling me to follow

–in St. John Bosco’s foot steps..

I grew up believing

—that God was calling me to a profession

that was going to have something to do with teaching

and serving the young.

…and then at the age of 13-14 I’d became frightened,

I’m not smart enough,

I don’t get good grades

—why would God want me?

––why would God choose me?

…and just as my doubts would grow

to the point where I didn’t believe that I was being chosen

–God would bring me the words of encouragement that I needed

…words that came from my parents

…and words that came from my teachers

…sometimes they’d come from prayer

—When I silenced my words

I would hear God speak through my heart…

“Trust me Ken—I want you. I believe in you.

I need you to help me make the world a better place.”


So, I believed it then

—and I believe it now

That whenever any good is accomplished

—it is result of God’s love working through me

so I can boast in the Lord.


But what about you boys and girls?

Remember St. Paul’s word…


Consider you own calling…

What is God choosing you for?

And how will you respond?

Are you afraid you’re not good enough,

––smart enough,



God is choosing you based on a different set of standards

––then what the world might consider ‘important’

—then what the ‘world’ might consider ‘smart’

—or ‘powerful’ or ‘wealthy’


God is choosing you…


To believe in your dreams

—and trust your hopes

Now, if you silence your words and listen to your heart

you will hear God inspire you to trust your dreams & hopes—Why?

because God needs you

God needs you to bring those dreams and hope

To the world..

….to the others you will meet your life.

This way—you too, will boast in the Lord.


And your parents know this…

They want you to trust in your dreams and hopes.

They want you to discover your gifts & talents

—to embraced them

and to share with the world.


Your parents desire that your time in school

not only forms your mind,

but inspires your heart with integrity and resolve.

So, you can ‘be Good to One Another! –and Boast in the Lord.


And parents,

Consider your calling…

For what—has God chosen you?


How will you respond?

What are your dreams…your hopes?

As a couple, as parents, as a family,

as a member of society & church?

Before you answer– remember,

God chooses us based on different set of standards

––then what the world might consider ‘important’

—then what the ‘world’ might consider ‘smart’

—or ‘powerful’ or ‘wealthy’

God has chosen you based on different standards–


As dedicated parents to your child’s well-being and education

it is necessary, isn’t it,

that you must, at times,

Silence your words and Listen to your heart?


For it is there,

God inspires you

to trust your familial love and commitment.

This union that proclaims your witness to the community,

to the school, and to the parish

—that you, as a couple and a family are blest by God

—and as such, are able to Boast in the Lord.


Now parents,

—the desire you have for your children

—that desire

is the life’s work of these educators sitting before you today.


Last year I stated,

…The vocation of the Catholic School educator,

secretary, aide, staff member, etc

… is to partner with your parental vocation

by bringing the world of knowledge to your child

—by instilling confidence within your child’s giftedness

—and by inspiring service in your child’s heart.


This is possible

because as Catholic school educators,

all of them embody the Beatitudes we heard during the Gospel

Blessed are peacemakers…(playground/classroom)

Blessed are the merciful…(discipline/compassion)

Blessed are the poor in spirit…(paycheck)

Blessed are those who are ‘persecuted’…(36 kids/parents)

Okay, you get the picture.

Yes the Madeleine staff embody the beatitudes!


Yes, Madeleine staff, today, God is celebrating your vocation

…because when St. Paul asked you to,

Consider your calling…

You responded by silencing the words of world

—and listening to the divine in your heart.

God chose you based on a different set of standards

—because God trusted,

as Catholic school educators,

rather than choosing

what would be important to the eyes of the world

—you chose

what would be important

to the life and the heart of the Child.

And as dedicated Catholic School educators

you indeed inspire the blessings of the Beatitudes and through your life affirm the phrase, to Boast in the Lord.

And for this, we THANK YOU!


You know Fr. Carl & Madeleine staff

—the aspirations we have for our students become real

as a result of the entire parish community

surrounding and supporting us here this morning.

This Eucharistic Body

—that sacrifices and nourishes each other,

embraces us here today.

—this parish body

makes it possible for the School of the Madeleine

to live its Mission.


You, the Parishioners

are so vital to the school’s Mission,

because for 80 years, you believed in our Dominican charism

and in the education of the young

we have been called to serve at St. Mary Magdalen Parish.


As we embark on the beginnings of Catholic School’s Week

we want to thank all of you

for your generosity of time, treasure, and talent.

We want to extend our most profound gratitude to

Therese Pipe, Ron Larson and Helen Rendon

Who, when “Considering their Calling”

Chose, through their generosity, to establish

scholarship funds

which allow us to broaden our support of parish families

who find the cost of tuition out of reach.


In similar fashion to last year,

I want to personally thank the members of the parish

for attending our school fundraisers

…I want to thank you for sharing your “space” with us

—when its not always convenient

…and most importantly

I want to thank you for praying for us

—praying for the staff

—praying for the students

and praying the families before you now.



Responding to St. Paul’s request,

I ask all of us to ‘Consider our Calling.’

Let’s Silence our words and hear our heart

and trust that we have been chosen as

dedicated parishioners, teachers, parents and students

to humbly proclaim the love of God working through our lives,

our families, our school and our parish

—and in doing so

—we are able to Boast in the Lord.


God Bless and Happy Catholic Schools Week.

The School of the Madeleine is a Catholic elementary school with a vibrant Dominican tradition of education and service in the Diocese of Oakland. The mission of the School of the Madeleine is to inspire students to grow as educated, morally informed individuals who are spiritually, academically, and socially prepared to become responsible citizens and leaders.